What do vets say about Aim OA?

We think that Aim OA is the future for canine arthritis care but do you, the veterinary profession?

We’ve been collecting comments from some of the practices we’ve been working with. #watchthisspace

In the meantime, have a read of what Jamie Crittall MRCVS, Director and Co-Founder of Virtual Recall has to say about the system; “We were lucky enough to be a beta-test practice for Aim-OA’s amazing app from the beginning and could contribute in its development to the market-ready final product.  It revolutionises patient care with regards arthritis – enabling evidence-based medicine to help shape personal patient care. Its simple feedback and objective scoring helps us vets to bring about the best chance of good management, whilst ensuring pet owners can play an active and essential contribution to the health and care of their pet.”

Straight from the horse’s (*vet’s*) mouth!


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